Wood Wharf Northern Road Box


LOCATION: Canary Wharf, London
CONTRACTOR: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd
CLIENT: Canary Wharf Group Ltd
VALUE: £10.2m
SECTORS: Major projects and infrastructure
SERVICES: Building and Civil Engineering

Canary Wharf Contractors appointed Kilnbridge to install the permanent services installations from Prestons Road to Cartier Circle. This would allow the removal of the temporary service diversions and enable the service providers to install critical services to the evolving Wood Wharf project, taking the services to the proposed buildings. The northern road box is the first phase of the multiple phased approach to installing the permanent services to the project.

Wood Wharf Northern Road Box 2.jpg
Wood Wharf Northern Road Box 1.jpg

The northern road box is comprised of two main elements of work: the construction of a reinforced concrete structure and the installation of multiple services within the structure and made ground to the east of the structure. The structure is a conduit for the permanent service installations and was designed and constructed in such a way as to allow construction of lower level basements at a future date via top-down construction. The structure required the placement of 1,000t of reinforcement and of 3,900m³ of structural concrete. Within the road box the service installations are encased within 6,000m³ of foamed concrete fill designed to reduce the loading on the structure.

The services to be installed within the road box include gas, potable water, UKPN HV, LV, communications, district heating, irrigation and surface and foul water. The installation of the service requires co-ordination with the various service providers and involves tie-ins at either end of the project to connect to existing live networks. The project requires the procurement and installation of 40km of pipe and service ducts.