Kilnbridge is committed to the ongoing protection and enhancement of the environment, which is achieved through education, knowledge and practical applications.

Our policy and environmental management system, which is accredited to ISO 14001, seeks to minimise the negative environmental impacts of our operations through the proficient use of resources, energy and carbon management and creating processes to deliver our services more efficiently. Our Waste Management business unit diverts 100% of its waste from landfill and feeds it back into industry for reuse, ensuring the maximum use of resources whilst contributing towards a recycling-led circular economy.

Working in collaboration with our Waste Management unit, we collect and process virtually any type of waste, from mixed general construction waste to segregated recycling streams and hazardous waste.

We use a range of technologies and equipment to screen, segregate and recover materials for reuse in the construction industry as part of a recycling-led circular economy. We are currently diverting 100% of our clients’ waste from landfill through a rigorously managed and audited chain of custody process ensuring full traceability.

Circular economy

We monitor and measure energy and carbon in order to identify opportunities for reduction and to minimise our environmental impact. Our investment in fleet technology allows us to record actual CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Our strategic fleet management renewal policy ensures that vehicles meet European emission standards and the highest fuel efficiency ratings possible.

We are committed to continuing to explore and invest in the use of technologies at our facilities to reduce the use of electricity and perpetual resources such as solar solutions and rainwater harvesting for our business infrastructure to reduce overall reliance on mains supply.

Energy and carbon

The sustainable sourcing of materials and products is key to delivering our procurement policy. We source materials and services through the local supply chain thus supporting local businesses, reducing carbon miles and ensuring traceability.

We actively seek to ensure that the materials we use are from sustainable sources, e.g. FSC and BES 6001, and that our business activities do not in any way unfairly exploit people or resources.

Responsible procurement