At Kilnbridge, we recognise that the quality of our products and service is how we will ultimately be judged by our clients. Confidence in Competence and a 'Right First Time' attitude drive the continuous improvement of our people and processes, ensuring our position as a leading engineering business.

All of our projects are subject to our quality target of Right First Time which promotes a culture that is focused on quality, features the right behaviour and attitude from all our management and workforce and encourages improvements while continuing to meet customer requirements. These are clearly communicated to our workforce, who take responsibility for the production and delivery of their work to the highest professional standard to meet both our own and our clients’ high expectations. Our vision is to work towards a zero defect environment resulting in the efficient delivery of a product and service which is on time and within budget.

All of our services strive to meet our quality standards; Construction, Fabrication, Fire Protection, Concrete Cutting, Waste Management and K PLANT.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) defines top management responsibilities, identifies key roles and manages operations and resources to ensure planned results are achieved. Our IMS is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 45001 for health and safety and ISO 14001 for the environment.

It is audited both internally and externally to review the effectiveness of our systems, competence of our workforce and identify areas for continual improvement.

Confidence in Competence and a ‘Right First Time’ attitude drive the continuous improvement of our people and processes, ensuring our position as a leading engineering business. We accomplish this by determining the resources required to deliver results in accordance with our client requirements and carrying out our activities as per planned arrangements.

We monitor these arrangements, inspect delivered works and continually look for opportunities to improve our performance in delivering desired results.

Achieving quality

To guarantee that all projects are delivered to the highest quality, we undertake extensive Project-specific Quality Plans (PQPs) and Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) prior to commencement of works on site.

On all projects we provide clear guidance on the processes and controls to be implemented so the quality requirements are achieved in accordance with approved construction drawings, works information and project specifications. This approach is verified by regular site surveillance inspections and audits.

Consistency throughout