Wood Wharf A2 and A3


LOCATION: Canary Wharf, London
CONTRACTOR: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd
CLIENT: Canary Wharf Group Ltd
VALUE: £28m
SECTORS: Commercial, mixed use, residential and retail
SERVICES: Building and Civil Engineering

The scope of works involves the construction of the common basement and medium to high-rise structures at 10 Park Drive, Wood Wharf, including secondary steel work with an overall RC footprint of 65,000m2.

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Wood Wharf A2 A3 2.jpg
Wood Wharf A2 A3 1.jpg
Wood Wharf A2 and A3
Wood Wharf A2 A3 2
Wood Wharf A2 A3 3
Wood Wharf A2 A3 3.jpg
Wood Wharf A2 A3 4.jpg

Building A2 comprises a further 14 floors of reinforced concrete frame and Building A3 comprises a further 43 floors of concrete frame.

The provision of tower cranes for the whole project is included within the scope of works. Altogether, Buildings A2 and A3 comprise 5,600 tonnes of reinforcement, 31,000m³ of concrete and 65,200m² of soffit formwork.