Canary Wharf RT4 Retail Redevelopment


LOCATION: Canary Wharf, London
CONTRACTOR: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd
CLIENT: Canary Wharf Group Ltd
CONSULTANT: WSP and Adamson Associates Architects
VALUE: £850,000
SECTORS: Commercial, mixed use, residential and retail
SERVICES: Building and Civil Engineering

Canary Wharf Contractors appointed Kilnbridge to undertake the redevelopment of the RT4 retail link to create additional retail and restaurant space for both existing and new businesses.

Canary Wharf RT4 retail redevelopment
Canary Wharf RT4 retail redevelopment 2
Canary Wharf RT4 retail redevelopment 3

The project involved the construction of a new mezzanine level within the original structure, a new external cantilever structure (that would provide additional seating space for Jamie Oliver's restaurant), internal stairs and a bespoke curved cleaning gantry, along with other major structural works.

The work had to be undertaken with little or no impact to surrounding business, which meant that the majority was carried out at night. Given the close proximity to an adjacent waterway, environmental factors also had to be considered.

Due to the restricted loading criteria on the surrounding ground, a special adaptation was designed to enable a UNIC crawler crane to undertake complex lifts whilst minimising the transferred loads on the ground.