Deephams Sewage Treatment Works

The upgrades at the Deepham Sewage Treatment Works involved the rebuilding of the sewage works’ inlet where sewage enters the works along with the construction of a new pumping station and screens to sieve out debris.

Two new storm tanks were built to hold excess sewage flows, and self-cleaning devices will be fitted to existing storm tanks to ensure they empty more quickly and reduce odour.  This remodelling work was undertaken while the plant remained live, continuing to treat 209,000m³ of sewage that arrives at Deephams each day.

Deephams Sewage Treatment Works 2

Key Facts

Edmonton, London
Contractor:J Murphy & Sons Ltd
Client:Thames Water

Kilnbridge provided a range of concrete cutting services on this project to include the formation of openings to the top of tank walls, track sawing large sections of concrete slab and walls up to 400mm deep and stitch drilling and track sawing to form various other openings.

By utilising wire sawing techniques, we reduced the height of the 1.20m thick reinforced concrete walls of the live sewerage tanks by 1.80m into sections, for removal by crane.

Deephams Sewage Treatment Works