Ukraine Crisis - Appeal

Dear All

We are shocked and deeply saddened by the human tragedy currently unfolding in Ukraine. The crisis has escalated to full scale war and as homes, schools, hospitals, electricity, and water supplies are affected, hundreds of thousands of refugees are leaving their homeland to the safety of neighbouring countries.

Those that remain in Ukraine are struggling to obtain basic supplies to survive due to the ongoing conflict and the human cost will get progressively worse.

As an employee-owned business and our collective commitment to our employees and their families, we are looking to further support the provision of goods and supplies to reinforce the good work already done by numerous individuals and charities both within Kilnbridge and beyond.

We ask that every individual contributes what they can at this desperate time.

Goods/supplies needed:

  • Food (Tinned)
  • Generator (small)
  • Boots, gloves, socks (Waterproof hiking boots)
  • Power banks for charging mobile phones and radio transmitters – frequency 403-527 MHz
  • Lifesaver 3 First Aid Kit (Advanced)
  • Winter clothing
  • Sleeping bags

We are also happy to receive anything you consider may be of use.

A consolidation centre at Cody Road (Kilnbridge Head Office) is being established to receive goods and supplies, from here the materials will be transported to the areas in most need of assistance.

We ask our Staff and Supply Chain to support us in any way possible to help the Ukrainian people. Any assistance, no matter how small will make a difference!

Thank you,