Mental Health Awareness Week

Between the 18th and 22nd May, the Kilnbridge team took part in Mental Health Awareness Week and embraced the theme put forward by the mental health foundation, “Kindness”.


In the current climate and uncertain times, one thing that we have seen all over the world is that kindness is prevailing in uncertain times. We have learnt that amid the fear, there is also community, support and hope. The added benefit of helping others is that it is good for our own mental health by reducing stress and improving emotional well-being.


Not only did Kilnbridge want to spread some kindness during this time, but we were also keen to encourage our staff to break the stigma around talking about mental health with the right tools and encouragement.

We recognise that the construction industry, on the whole, needs to do better around the subject of mental health. According to the "Mates in Mind", right now, one in six construction workers in the UK is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress.

What did Kilnbridge do during Mental Health Awareness Week?

To support the Kindness campaign and #breakthestigma of mental health in our industry, we provided resources to staff each day and encouraged them to get involved with the theme of the week with daily posts on our intranet.

Monday Mental Health: Awareness of Mental Health issues and the Green Ribbon Campaign

Tuesday Financial Wellness: Resources and advice on managing finances and the feelings surrounding it.

Wednesday Social Wellness: Our tips for maintaining a social well-being when many of us are cut off from family and friends

Thursday Emotional Resilience: Resources and guidance to staff on managing stress and anxiety

Friday Physical Wellness: Our guide on the connection between physical health and mental health, and how to create a balance.

Our daily resources that included, webinars, blog posts and useful mental health contacts were well received by staff, despite the barriers faced with social distancing.

The Highlights

The Avonmouth Site Team decorate Stockmoor Lodge Care home

As part of Mental Health Week, the Kilnbridge site team at Avonmouth spent two days making 90 wooden flowers and 2 Sun decorations, to be donated to Stockmoor Lodge care home, on behalf of Balfour Beatty plc. The local Primary school children will add splashes of colour and glitter to these decorations before they are installed outside the care home. A fantastic act of #kindness for the community during these difficult times.

The K PLANT Team enjoy a "Mental Health Coffee Morning"

Though we couldn't hold mental health workshops for the majority of staff because of Covid-19, we did hold one "Mental Health Coffee Morning" for our K PLANT staff.

While enjoying some cakes in the shade, the team took part in a mindfulness exercise where they named and talked about ten things they are grateful for. The team enjoyed the exercise, and it sparked long and immersive conversations. Repeating this exercise each morning can help combat negative and depressing thoughts.

Conclusion of Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week was a great reminder for everyone that we must take care of ourselves and others during trying times. We hope we inspired acts of kindness and helped towards breaking the stigma of mental health in our industry.