Community works completed at St. John's Church, Waterloo

24 January 2019

Kilnbridge recently took part in community works organised by Canary Wharf Group at St. John’s Church in Waterloo, London which entailed groundworks and excavation and RC works.

St. John’s Church was built in the early 19th century and has a thriving multicultural congregation within its local community. The scope of works were valued at £5,000 but completed free of charge.

Kilnbridge’s services included:

  • Removing a ‘double hump’ sculpture and replacing it with a new RC slab that will be used as a bench seat.
  • Removing a redundant slab and replacing it with a new RC slab that will be used as a park bench.
  • Excavating a pit to approximately 1 metre depth and filling it with stone to form a soakaway designed to prevent future ponding to a radial seating area.
  • Removing a mushroom sculpture and its foundation and backfilling it with top soil.

Well done to all of our operatives involved and we hope that St. John's Church benefits from the works completed!

You can learn more about our community work here.

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