Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station


LOCATION: Somerset
CONTRACTOR: Balfour Beatty
CLIENT: HPC (Hinkley Point C)
VALUE: £10m
SERVICES: Construction and Civil Engineering

Kilnbridge are currently engaged on the construction of the Heads structures for the new Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station.

Hinkley Point C 1.jpg
Hinkley Point C 2.jpg
Hinkley Point C 3.jpg

A vital element of the power station’s cooling system, these are six very technically challenging and densely reinforced concrete structures with extremely condensed and complicated reinforcement layouts. They weigh approximately 5000t each and have rebar densities of over 800kg/m3 in several areas. The structures are being constructed at Avonmouth Docks before they are transported onto barges and towed out to sea to be lowered into place and connected to the cooling water tunnels 3.5 miles offshore from Hinkley Point C.

Our delivery team of over 200 people are embedded within the overall project to safely and collaboratively overcome the numerous technical challenges and meet the exacting quality requirements of this highly demanding project. We have recently completed the first concrete pour on Intake Head 1, a process that required hundreds of design hours during which our team resolved more than 20,000 clashes identified in the original design provided and used innovative techniques including virtual reality to confirm the buildability. The pour was also the first using nuclear-certified self-compacting concrete that has taken place away from a nuclear site in the UK and required many hours of concrete tests beforehand to ensure the heads met the nuclear standard.

This project entails the construction of some of the most technically complex and challenging reinforced concrete structures ever undertaken by Kilnbridge and Balfour Beatty and is a supreme example of engineering excellence, safety and collaboration.