Crossrail C271 and C272 Paddington Integrated Project Enabling Works


LOCATION: Paddington, London
CONTRACTOR: Carillion Infrastructure
CLIENT: Crossrail
VALUE: £2.4m
SERVICES: Concrete Cutting and Controlled Demolition

The Paddington Integrated Project (PIP) represents a close collaboration between Crossrail, London Underground, Network Rail and Transport for London to create an integrated station that offers a superior passenger experience with easy interchanges. Kilnbridge were contracted to complete a range of concrete cutting and controlled demolition works for this project.

Crossrail C271 and C272 Paddington integrated project enabling works
Crossrail C271 and C272 Paddington integrated project enabling works 2
Crossrail C271 and C272 Paddington integrated project enabling works 3

On C271, our scope of works involved significant structural dismantling of major concrete elements to enable the relocation of taxi facilities from their existing locations and development of a new concourse for Crossrail. The majority of our works were completed over a 21-day blockade. Pre-blockade enabling works consisted of removing masonry walls on the taxi ramp, temporary works design and detailed planning. During the blockade we installed the temporary works to allow suspension of the concrete taxi ramp to cut it into sections using track saws for the slabs and beams and wire saws for the columns. These sections were removed during engineering hours when trains were not operational.

On C272, our scope of works was the removal of old structures, the methods for which were heavily influenced by a “Heritage Deed Method Statement” which precluded the use of breaking due to the risk of damage to adjacent retained structures from vibration. The controlled demolition of the previously listed “Milk Ramp and London Street deck” utilised installing access and crash decks to safely remove the structures with drilling and bursting methods. The concrete slabs were suspended using a plate girder soldier temporary support system and track sawn into sections for removal by crane.