New Waste Management Weighsoft 5 system introduced

1 March 2019

Kilnbridge's Waste Management team have begun using a new system today designed to enhance both their operations and quality of service to our customers.

Weighsoft 5 offers benefits including notifying sites when our lorries are en route via text and more accurate and detailed recycling reports.

From April customers will have access to their own web portal, which will allow them to view daily recycling reports for their sites, invoices, waste transfer notes and weighbridge tickets.

In order to improve the sustainability of Kilnbridge's road-based functions, our drivers will also now be using a data capture system in place of paper tickets which will capture all ticket information and necessary signatures. It will also capture any photographs where there has been a change to the original material order which can be sent on to the site administrator.

Other advantages to Weighsoft 5 and updates to our waste management operations include:

  • Drivers will record the percentage of material in each skip when they visit site to collect a container, ensuring that the most accurate recycling reports are available.
  • Waste transfer notes including weights will be forwarded no later than the next business day to their sites (and on Mondays if processed on Friday or Saturday).
  • Invoices will be sent with the corresponding waste transfer and weighbridge tickets at the month’s end.

We are looking forward to seeing Weighsoft 5 improve our waste management operations for both us and our customers!

You can find out more about our Waste Management services here.

You can read more about Weighsoft 5 here.

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