Engineering - Digital Engineering, Launching and Prestressed concrete


Kilnbridge specialise in engineered solutions for post-tensioning, jacking and construction methodologies.

Working closely with our in-house BIM and Temporary Works Design teams, our capabilities include;

  • Engineered solutions and Value Engineering (VE) options for the design, supply and installation of post-tensioning works.
  • Heavy lifting.
  • Bridge jacking and sliding.
  • The detailed development of construction methodologies to suit the individual needs of external clients.

We operate a Quality System for post-tensioning installations to BS:EN ISO 9001:2015 and in accordance with procedures specified by UKCARES. Design is provided by our in-house engineers and we also work collaboratively with our specialist supply chain to provide innovative and bespoke solutions.


Post-tensioning (PT) has become a recognised technique used to enhance the strength of concrete structures. It is a method of reinforcing concrete with high-strength steel strands, typically referred to as tendons. The main advantages of PT over traditional RC are:

  • Materials saving (up to 25% reduction on slab depths).
  • Quicker construction (potential pour cycle of 3-4 days).
  • Increased performance with reduced vibration/deflection, longer spans and improved crack control.

Typical applications for post tensioned concrete include residential developments, commercial buildings, industrial floor slabs, car park structures and bridge building and beams.

There are three main systems available;

  1. Bonded tendons - which can be used in all types of building structures.
  2. Unbonded tendons - suitable for buildings that require structural alterations and provides corrosion protection.
  3. Multi-strand bonded tendons - used in large transfer beams, bridges, circular structures and heavy concrete structures.

Our post-tensioning capabilities include:

  • Buildings: the design of post-tensioned slabs, supply of all post-tensioning components, stressing and grouting of tendons and on-site installations.
  • Civil works: the supply and installation of post-tensioning to bridges and circular structures and strengthening of existing structures.
  • Cable stay systems: the installation for all types of bridges from small footbridges to major structures.

We offer specialist engineering solutions to contractors and design bespoke systems to suit site loadings and sequencing. Our capabilities include:

  • The supply of equipment for the vertical or horizontal jacking of temporary or permanent works.
  • Underslung and overhead Movable Scaffold System (MSS) solutions.
  • Launching gantry (LG) solutions.
  • Projects requiring full span launching methods.
Bridge Jacking and Launching.jpg

We offer engineering and technical support for construction methodologies including:

  • RC drawings and detailing to assist with design intent for all concrete building elements, insitu or pre-cast.
  • Unique strand jacking solutions.
  • Specialist design packages such as converting concrete elements from insitu to pre-cast.
  • BIM modelling to assist with construction methodology visualisation.
Construction Methodologies.jpg

Complex post-tensioned structures sometimes require special attention, such as older structures that need to be altered or demolished. We provide advice based on our knowledge of systems and site practices. Our capabilities include:

  • Independent inspections and/or witnessing of post-tensioned works.
  • Advice and detailed methodologies for alterations to and demolition of post-tensioned and pre-stressed structures.
Demolition and Deconstruction Methodologies.jpg