Jubilee Place Expansion

Jubilee Place Expansion Project was one of the UK’s largest retail expansion projects creating 50,000ft2 of new retail space beneath the existing Jubilee Place Mall at Canary Wharf, London.

Canary Wharf Contractors appointed Kilnbridge to undertake major structural alterations to the existing car park which involved extensive concrete cutting and reconstruction to transform the existing car park level to retail space.

Jubilee Place Expansion

Key Facts

Canary Wharf, London
Contractor:Canary Wharf
Contractors Ltd
Client:Canary Wharf
Group Ltd.
Adamson Associates

The solution involved the cutting and lowering of the car park slab (50,000ft2) and the removal of a primary support column underneath the centre of Canary Wharf.

The removal of this amount of structure necessitated the installation of new structural members (5-11T per beam), two levels below the existing operational retail area, without the use of any mechanical means for moving or lifting the beams. This was followed by a complex load transfer procedure to maintain the stability of the structure.

Jubilee Place expansion London